Ambrosia premium olive oil brings you extra virgin olive oil the gold of Festos from Crete, Greece. The origin of our family dates back to the town of Tympaki, which is the heart of the Mesara region. Around the town, our extra virgin olive oil the gold of Festos is harvested and pressed from koroneiki olives, which is known for its high quality and suitability for olive oil production, a strong green color and the pungent aroma of freshly pressed olives.

100% koroneiki

cold pressed

<0,5 accidity


In Greece, the cultivation of olive trees dates back to 4,000 BC, with a strong presence in the Minoan civilization. In Crete, land is traditionally inherited from generation to generation, so we can say that Cretan farmers grow with their trees.

In the fertile area of Mesara next to the ancient palace of the Minoans, Festos. Cretan farmers continue to grow their olive trees with deep respect and passion in order to give us all the "gold of Festos".